September 2023 Newsletter

As written in the June newsletter, “nothing is certain about farming whether it be grapes or popcorn....”

“Truly Iconic Vintage” “A Throwback Crop” This year marks the 199th first official Sonoma County harvest. And what a hopeful harvest it is and will be. The early ripening varieties such as Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, thanks to atmospheric climate change bringing a cold snap from April through July slowed ripening and harvest of those varieties to the latest in 41years! 

But slow ripening is a good thing in this case. Slow maturation leads to more intense flavors. So, if you happen to remember a Chardonnay or Pinot Noir of 1982 vintage, this year’s wine may bring back those “good ol’ days“memories.  We’ll all just have to patiently wait a couple of years to let these babies rest.

Then there are the slower naturally ripening varieties such as Cab, Merlot, Zinfandel, and Syrah for which our fingers are crossed, and we’re knocking on wood that any inclement weather doesn’t rear its ugly head in the next 8 weeks. Grapes that take longer to mature may experience what growers call “mercy pink” and must be harvested as late as possible before seasonal rainfall threatens the crop, even sometimes before they are fully matured.

Then there is the wine.  David always suggests not to read our tasting notes before you taste the wine. The descriptions are usually the usually banal opinions of me (Priscilla). He’s right this time!  What does it taste like to you? Peach blossom? Green Apple? Cherry coke? Kumquats? Marmalade? Shoe leather? Pencil led?  It truly is a matter of acuity or sharpness of your own palate. How does it make you feel? What do you think about?  What memories does it bring back? And always remember that tasting too many wines at once does dull your palate.  That’s one reason we like to limit tasting appointments to 3 a day, allowing our guests to take their time to taste the wines and build those memories.

This Wine Club selection box includes a little something to enjoy and treat your tired wine tasting palate to a sweet surprise.  Ugar House Candy is a small family-owned kitchen making caramels in small batches using only the highest quality ingredients.  They’re yummy as they melt in your mouth.

Have you yet tried shifting toward vegan or vegetarian choices when eating out and experiencing a whole new horizon? Again, that good ol’ palate makes a play on your opinion. But ours points us to La Bodega Kitchen.  Its located just up the road near Sebastopol. For starters try the beet ravioli or the pear tartlets (sometimes made from our backyard pear tree).  Both will blow your minds! The wine tasting experience there is also not to be missed.

Halloween is right around the corner.  This year we will not allow circumstances such as wild fires, viruses, or a harvest seasons with torrential rains dampen our spirits.  Let’s Partee!!!  Hopefully you have received a save the date (10/28) invitation for Wine Club members and friends. More deets to follow but it will be held at our neighbor, Carol’s covered horse arena. Costumes with sturdy shoes are recommended. The band is our favorite Kevin Brennan and the Claddagh band.  Some say he is a better Van than Van!  BBQ dinner will be cooked and served.

Thank you always for your support of our winery and for the friendships we enjoy. They both are what sustains us. 

Please keep well, safe and

Enjoy! Priscilla and David