If a bud breaks, is it broken?

It’s been a beautiful Spring for Winter.  Warm temps, plenty of sunshine, and now a rainy month in the forecast is just what the vineyard doctor ordered.  And No, bud break is not a broken bud.  Bud break is the beginning of the grape growing process.  This year it is early, which is okay. As a matter of fact it’s great as long as Mr. Frosty doesn’t come for a visit. Those little baby buds are susceptible to even a kiss of frost.

Last year (2015) bud break was early. Then came the frost, which destroyed some buds, hence a less than abundant crop. —Down 25% in Sonoma.

David has been in the wine biz a long time (24years), enjoying his good relationships with growers and grape brokers. That pays off in lean years. Because the crop was smaller and the quality was superb, there was a lot of competition for the best fruit.  Never Fear! We were able to snag the grapes we wanted, and needed, to offer exciting 2015 wines.

Lets enjoy these familiar 2013 vintages while they last. But, lets also make room for the younger set, to be released later this year.

For Wine Club Members Only:
Take 50% off –THAT’S HALF PRICE!! – when you order a case of 2013 Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or Pinot Noir. Go ahead mix and match if you’d like.

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